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Welcome to Nirai Kanai Online, a site dedicated to anything and everything RahXephon! This is the third layout this site has gone through, that's why it's 3.0! Head over to the About page for more information about this site and RahXephon. Thanks for checking out my site!

May 3rd 2007

Haha, somebody from the AnimeNation Forums PMed me this group photo of the characters of RahXephon. I'm pretty sure one of them is an extra, though. Check it out at the Fan Art section!

Aug 3rd 2006

Added the Haruka image gallery! It's 50 pictures of Haruka goodness, plus whatever's in her profile. :) Also added 24 new avatars! All of this can be found in the downloads section.

Oh, and there's a little bonus picture on the Official Art page, under the fan related stuff. This is fan-pic made by one of my online friends... he likes to think of this character as the smack daddy of TERRA.

Aug 2nd 2006

Did a bit more updating. Added the community area in the Feedback page, also added an extra link in the FAQs. This one is John's (from AnimeNation.com) take on the ending of RahXephon. Some insightful stuff there, check it out.

An extra gallery (as well as a bonus profile) is coming your way soon!

July 31st 2006

Worked out the isses of the LightBox on IE6 and Opera. I had to include a second wrapper DIV on all the webpages for the thing to work. I had to make the body's padding and margin elements set to 0, but the problem is that IE6 doesn't read margins correctly when applied to a div. Grr... so I had to include a second div and use padding to make the top and bottom spaces you see on this page. Unfortunately, there's no way around to validating the CSS. It's a hack to make the transparency work for IE6. =/

Other than that I took a few more pictures of the DVDs so expect some more images soon. I'm expecting to beef up the FAQs with some images and maybe create an exclusive gallery for my favorite character in the show. =)

July 30th 2006

The site is now live!

Crap, it looks like there's some errors in my CSS. Or rather, the CSS for the LightBox script! Arrrggh!

July 29th 2006

The final touches are done. All I got left is to update the image galleries, the media page, and get that guestbook set up. At the moment I don't have anything that can block spam so I may end up using the old guestbook after all.

July 28th 2006

Reviewing all the character profiles and fixing whatever grammar errors, innacuracies, etc. I could find. I've been re-reading the Timeline from Philip R. Banks' site and there's quite a bit of information that went over my head before. So I'm in the process of fixing everything that's innacurate to any degree. Hopefully there won't be any errors when I'm done, though I'm not perfect. It's taking a bit longer than I expected, unfortunately.

July 27th 2006

Been modifying all the screen captures, making galleries, integrating the amazing Lightbox JS script for the galleries and what not. I've also implemented a few images on each of the profiles. I'll be focusing on some final touches on the site and then move on to the GuestBook. The site should be up pretty soon. By the way, I decided to just make a gallery for the 200 pictures of the ending. Too many!

July 23rd 2006

The second half of the profiles have been added now.

July 22nd 2006

Major update! Profiles for half the cast were added! Took me a while to write those... nothing better than investigating a series to refresh your memory! I also took 200 pictures of the last three episodes! Whew! I haven't decided if I'll use them for the FAQs or the profiles.

June 19th 2006

Giving the site a face-lift! Exciting! Maybe this will force me to finish the site. I thought I'd move away from rounded corners and shadow effects. I admit I was pleased with the previous layout at first, but it looks so tacky to me now. And uninspiring! Blah! Hopefully this 'personal' new look may entice others to stay and read the rest of my site as there will be quite a lot of content when I'm done with it.

The girl in the banner is Haruka. I got the picture from one of my RahXephon artbooks.

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