Nirai Kanai Online

NKO 2.0

This is the site I did when I was learning how to code XHTML and CSS. As you can see, it's very tacky and lacks any sense of style. It's a decent first try though, or so I've been told.


Christmas day and I'm here updating! :P I got some major updates for you. Not only did I put up a new profile (Reika Mishima; Quon is next), but I re-answered quite a bit of the FAQs. I got the chance to rewatch RahXephon as well as gather some outside information on the series and I got way more insight on the story than I did before. So I corrected some of the questions I initially either answered incompletely or wrongfuly. Either way, make sure to check out the updated FAQ pages. On future updates, I plan to work mainly on character profiles. So please look foward to that.


Finally wrote up the third and rather extensive FAQ page. Make sure to check it out. From now on, I intend to update character biographies, so all subsequent questions submitted for the FAQs will have to wait until these are done. Thanks!


Not an update. I've been a little busy lately with school and other distractions that I haven't gotten the time to update this site, so I apologize to everyone waiting for me to update this weekend, especially if you've E-Mailed me. But I'll make it up to you people, just give me a little time and that third FAQ page will be up! I can't promise when since who knows what I'll get for homework next weekend, but it shouldn't be long. I've already written about half the FAQ page, so I only have a few questions left before I start marking it up for the website. Sorry once again, and please look foward to the update in the upcoming days!


Put up the Wallpaper galleries on the Downloads section and the DVD page on the Media Section. I also put up the tentative template for the character profiles... I'll start updating those starting next week.


Managed to put up the GuestBook... sorry, it's the same one from the other two sites. I wish I could customize it, but it requires programming languages that I just don't know yet, so this pretty bare bones guestbook will have to do for the time being. I also put up the old guestlog from the previous site... check it out at the Feedback page.


Organized the site a little better. I separated the updates from the index page and wrote out a formal introduction to the site as well as the RahXephon anime. Fixed all the XHTML Validation errors in the FAQ pages (there were a ton!), put up the links page, and added the History of RahXephon by Philip R. Banks on the FAQs page.

Look foward for more updates!


I started the moving process. Considering the monstrous amount of information this site is going to have, this might take a while, that's also considering I'm working on the other two sites at the moment as well.

So far, this is pretty much how the site will look. I may or may not stick with the current logo in the long run, but it's what will represent this site for the moment. Some of the information already available here are the two of the FAQs and the Keyterms. I did these first since they're the main reason why most look through the site in the first place. I'll try to update this site weekly with new information, especially the character profiles once I'm done with most of the FAQs and Downloads. I'll make sure to get that Contact page done ASAP as well.

Anyways, it's a little overwhelming right now, but the site will be done eventually. Don't sweat it. Just keep checking back for updates, you might be surprised.


Please note that this layout is not yet complete. But as it stands, I'm extremely pleased with the outcome. I took nearly all day today just figuring out the rounded corners, and even dove and taught myself a bit of photoshop in using the slicing tool, as well as the "drop shadow" effect for the borders.

I have no idea if it will work once I start putting content on, but I plan to take the day tomorrow to at least get started. Plans are to finalize the banner at the top, set up the pages for each of the content, and start the site transfter, mainly the FAQs. Don't ask me when the whole site will be up, as I don't even know, but slowly but surely, the site will be up before the end of the year, or at least before the end of the run in G4TV (I have a feeling many will come looking for my FAQ).

Anyways, expect the full site in due time. Right now I'm test driving it.